100 years are an important goal...

A goal that Paioli and Pirazzini family has reached arriving at its fourth generation, thanks a dedicated conservation of fundamental principles: quality, reliability, assistance and innovation, all qualities we find in our current new brilliant pay-off “Passion & experience”.


It was the 31 January 1911 when Mr. Paioli Ricciotti established his first company, marked on the selling and fixing of bicycles and accessories. Sooner, this reality became a real strong point, keep going on with its rise during the ’29 crisis and increasing its productivity until the dramatic bombardment of its laboratory in 1943.



The Daughters Laura and Loredana Paioli rebuilt the company giving the name of “Sisters Paioli”, and sooner thanks their intuition and revolutionary rolling machines created by their father, they were able to enter deeper and in an ever more competitive way not only in the bicycles sector but also in that one of motorbikes, becoming suppliers of some of prestigious level companies like Moto Guzzi, Benelli, Garelli and Ducati.



In 1954 three Headquarters were established:
one for retail of motorbike’ accessories
one for wholesale of fishing tackle
one for the production of springs and fenders for motorbikes.



In 1961 there was a radical change and the “Sisters Paioli” split and diversify their goals, dividing in two different companies: ‘Paioli Meccanica’ of Laura Paioli, was committed in motorbikes sector, and ‘Paioli Sport’ of Loredana Paioli and Luciano Pirazzini who started a productive path of fishing tackle and phenolic resins.
In those years the intuition of fishing like a hobby or for competition became much stronger and present in the production of fiberglass, breathing new life into a brand dedicated to this sector: MAVER (from MAnufacture VEtro (glass) Resin)



Since 1970 the three sons of Loredana and Luciano started to work into the different companies: Paolo and Massimo Pirazzini in Paioli Sport (Bologna) and Luca Pirazzini in Reglass (Minerbio). This last company was born in these years for the complete production of competition rods Made in Italy.



Born in 1977, the company Reglass was specialized in ( and it is still) in the study of creation of tubular section for fishing rods. Its philosophy has always been “Research and Innovation”, and just from here the trial and then the production of fishing products started, made by one of the material that revolutionized a big part of sports, fishing firstly, and then the world of industrial production: the carbon fiber. Thanks the stable development of technology, the company dedicate itself also to the production of other parts for other products used in the windsurf, cycling, ski, etc.



From ’90s, thanks the always more increasing quality of carbon fiber rods with top performances and smaller weights, the duo Maver and Made in Italy keep going on strongly innovate and suggest fishing tackles always more sophisticated. Following the tenacity and the high quality standards, other brands born becoming immediately national and international that from many years give the product’s planning and production to Minerbio’s company. Very important for the valor and diffusion of the brand Maver in Europe, it has been the opening in 1993 of a branch in the UK: Maver UK (Ltd.) Thanks its close and expert team in the sport fishing sector and exclusive product created into Minerbio and Bologna’ companies, in ten years it has conquered the market of sport fishing for competition with the great motto “ever in POLE position”.



In the early 2000 Paioli Sport is a wise society and company, and some measures are taken to consolidate the asset management that will need to face the challenges that some years later will appear.
In 2005 the company received the prestigious prize for ‘Entrepreneurial Commitment and Economical Progress’ Reglass together with the sister company starts a great plan of rearrangement and investments, sponsorships and superior performances products, low prices, assistance, technological innovation essential to afford the globalization challenge where the products and prices from China invade the sport fishing market.
So the two companies took on the crisis of 2008 and thanks the investments done, plans of action to promote the high quality level product direct to the customer, they could be able to make it through these hard years, confirming the validity of choices taken in the past.



Thanks the intuition of three brothers and wisdom used to guide the company, the brand keep going to work in its leader position of the market, arriving at 2011 in which Paioli Sport celebrate proudly its first 100 years! The event had an international calling and fishermen and people arrived from all over the world to attend it and honor this milestone that was able to revolutionize and develop sport fishing during all these years.

Click here to read “The Thanks by the Owners for the 100 years anniversary”



Today Paioli Sport is an active company with a great human capital to use, included its 4° generation with Matteo Pirazzini who will follow the Maver brand and Livio Pirazzini who will follow the research and development of materials used by Reglass.
The use of young talents of the sport fishing sector is always more intensive, both in the competition and brand’s diffusion. In fact in all sectors where the company is present, it receives a lot of important confirmations both in placings and market, it goes on with its unstoppable growing facing always standing tall any difficulties will run into.

As time as passed the receipt used is always the same: quality, reliability, assistance, innovation.
... and these are only the first 100 years and they seems only the beginning of the story.