urf Casting
The Elite Titanium Tele 100 has a long full carbon very sensitive tip section which can easily manage 90 grams leads plus the
bait. The stem is very rigid and makes it possible to reach good distance despite the “light” ballast.
The elite titanium tele 100 with a weight of only 210 grams (raw) is the world’s lightest rod in its class. Thanks to the three tips
included we can change the structure of fishing, moving from research under the shore, to the middle-distance very quickly.
Unique in its kind, this elite titanium measures five meters with the possibility of varying length and structure of fishing by
simply changing of the tips. If we fish on deep beaches, it is a real ace in the hole that allows us to manage finals of two meters
both for fishing on surface and for that of the bottom when the fishes are lethargic.
Short full carbon tip with no sliding pieces able to handle 110 grams leads plus the bait, very thin and peculiar lightness makes
this tool a secret weapon for medium-distance fishing.
Short full carbon tip with no sliding pieces able to handle 130 grams leads plus the bait. We advice to cast with long Drop (lead
by the reel) to better load the rod stem and get longer and more precise cast. The most used surf casting pole in Italy.
Short full carbon tip with no sliding pieces able to handle 170 grams leads plus the bait. The handle is the real strength of this
model, with an oversized diameter so to get a steel lever able to store up power in the loading phase without losing it in the
following phases and eventually let it go like an explosion when closing the cast. The very high concentration of Nanolith ma-
kes the rod to block as soon as the cast is over, so to increase the distance and the accuracy, and drastically reduce the risk of
breaking the line. This is the best you can get with a telescopic pole!!!
Two rods conceived to face the most extreme situations. Long distance with side casts, heavy rock fishing when we have to
weigh heavy preys, shark hunting with big baits, seaquakes with 190 gr spike leads are its daily bread. The handle flattening is a
true power accumulator that makes it possible to reach distances that were impossible before with a two-section pole. Powerful
full carbon tip which can handle 190 grams lead plus the bait whilst still maintaining the typical sensitivity of the full tips and by
going along with the waves the unseal of the lead is avoided. Nowadays the most powerful telescopics on the market!!!
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